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Hi Everyone,

The blog has slowed down a bit in the last month or so, as I’m dealing with some ongoing life stuff that should hopefully sort itself out by the end of July, beginning of August. Luckily, it’s only my posting that has suffered a bit. There’s been a lot going on with Pop Seagull behind the scenes, and we’re beginning to gear up for an exciting fall/winter season!

Website Renewal

Most of you probably know that I love this blog, but Pop Seagull, and my own author page which is currently at Meanwhile, In Canada, need a home of their own, on their own domain and hosting. This blog has been great as a place-holder while nobody in the company was able to commit to maintaining a website full-time, but now, with expanded time and resources, it’s time to re-open our website.  I’m happy to say that these WordPress accounts will still function as the official blogs for myself and Pop Seagull, but there will also be a ‘.com’ address that people can find more easily, that focuses more on product information and easy access to the books.

In the Fall and Winter we will be developing brand new sites, complete with dedicated book pages, better buying options, and some fun and interactive surprises that help readers to get closer to Pop Seagull’s worlds and characters. We will also be offering a quarterly email list with special offers and exclusive news.

The sites will go live by the new year, under the names:




We’re looking forward to having new and easier ways for our customers to engage with us! Keep an eye out for announcements as the site builds progress!

Timothy Carter Joins Pop Seagull With: The 5 Demons You Meet in Hell

Timothy Carter, funny fantasy writer and all-around Awesome Dude.

Timothy Carter, funny fantasy writer and all-around Awesome Dude.

As of next Spring, Pop Seagull will be home to Timothy Carter’s hilarious novel of hell, demons and redemption, The Five Demons You Meet In Hell.

Cheeky, irreverent and boldly imaginative, this book has been described as a mixture of Dante’s Inferno and Kevin Smith’s Dogma… with a heaping dose of humor and a whole lot of weird.

And the best part? If you want a sneak preview of the book, you can still buy the old version of the e-book for the next few months at Tim’s Smashwords and Amazon page. This truly is one of those indie gems, so get it for $2.99 while you still can!

We’re thrilled to welcome Tim to the Pop Seagull family, and there will be many more updates as the release progresses. In the meantime, if you’d like to get to know Tim (and his zany antics) a bit better, you can check out his blog and YouTube channel:

Tim’s Blog

Tim’s Youtube

Oh, and watch out for the new cover and branding we’re creating… There will be butts.