Hi Everyone,

I know the blog has been a little bit quiet for a while, but we’re still here, and working hard on the launch of The Five Demons You Meet in Hell for May.

Things are moving along well, but we are also making some changes to the upcoming line-up for 2016. In order to better focus on marketing our existing titles, and fulfilling obligations to our existing authors, our upcoming Canadiana anthology has been cancelled for the time being, and we are closing to submissions. We are expecting to be closed until at least December of 2016.

If you submitted a novel or short story to us,and have not heard back, thank you so much for your interest in Pop Seagull, but we will not be able to accept your work. Obviously none of this is personal to any of the wonderful authors who submitted, but merely a business decision.

Thanks for understanding, and all the best to everyone who has sent us work.