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Love, Time, Space, Magic


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Love defies time, crosses the infinite distance of space, and sparks formidable magics in the hearts of those it touches. And immortality? Yeah, it’s got that covered, too.

In this powerful volume, Pop Seagull Publishing presents twelve science fiction and fantasy short stories on the theme of love and its role as a force of nature.

Follow an ambitious 1930’s journalist and her high-society
boyfriend as they defend the world from evil beings that hide in shadows. Can love prevail when science fails?

Take a wild ride with Zephraim Cochrane as he searches for his long lost love through inter-dimensional travel. After all, the best inventions are always made to get dates.

Embark on a whirlwind romance with a creature of the Fey in seven days, a beautiful story of friendship and finding self-love before all else.

Descend into a very Torontonian sort of hell in search of lost love in Melanie in the underworld… just don’t forget to pet the corgi.

You’ll find these adventures, and many more, inside.

Praise for Love, Time, Space, Magic

Elizabeth Hirst has gathered a beautiful collection of stories in Love, Time, Space, Magic.

The overall theme is “love” of course. Love in various guises, always with an important speculative element. While all written by different authors, the “feel” of the stories reminded me of Spellcast by Barbara Ashford, a novel which combines love, magic, and musical theater.

Romantics, dreamers, and believers in magic—particularly the magic of love—will enjoy this collection of short stories.

Scott T. Barnes,

What a sweet, and sometimes salty, confection… just right to read in snack-sized portions. The title says it all. This is a gathering of somewhat random—in terms of style and mood—short fiction about love in a few of its many and varied forms.

The anthology starts off with Deborah Walker’s “I Sing the Recurring Melody”, a parable about devotion, and the need to create above all. Next is something completely different: Fraser Sherman’s “Leave the World to Darkness.” I could almost see this tale unfolding in the lurid panels of a comic book—alternate dimensions, shadow creatures, Nazis! Great fun, plus a spunky heroine with a smart mouth and a notebook.

“Out of Their Minds” by Ira Nayman, is a bumpy ride through infinite dimensions in search of the One True Love… cynical, snappy and strangely sweet. The lyrical melancholy of “The Dying Place” by Melinda Selmys is poetical and thought provoking. “Melanie in the Underworld” by Victoria Feistner, is a longish, poignant, Toronto-centric take on the myth of Persephone, where even if you play by the rules you still might lose. “Modern Love” by Gustavo Bondoni wonders if a pick-up in a bar could be the start of something beautiful.

Other stories take you into the dangers of space exploration, the dark magic of plantlife, and the compelling reasons to embrace the consequences of financial meltdown. Overall, a tantalizing mix of tales.

Sally McBride

Distant Early Warning


Print Version

Ebook Version

Travel with Denny as she battles the risen dead in Northern Ontario to solve the mystery of her father’s death. This book is fast becoming a fan favorite with lovers of the paranormal, survival horror, and those who just love a good adventure. Plus, it’s got an absolutely adorable dog.

Praise for Distant Early Warning from Readers Like You!

“Hirst has crafted an epic adventure, with danger in the form of the Screamers, gun-toting TV news crews, old mine shafts, treacherous hikes, and one really pissed-off bear. Hirst’s writing style is compelling and well-paced right the way through, and the characters read like real people (except for Geoff, who reads like a real dog). The interactions ring true; Denny’s slow friendship with the less-than-fully-trustworthy Wayne gives DEW a lot of heart. And Geoff is just adorable.

So, full marks all around. This novel needs to be read, and deserves to be a Canadian classic.”

-Tim Carter, Author of The Five Demons You Meet in Hell and Apoca-Lynn

I think this book is well-written and compelling. If you’re looking for a book with a lot of references to Canadian life/culture, it’s great for that! I enjoyed the descriptions of things I could relate to. If you’re also looking for a book with references to geek culture then this book brings that too. Thus far it’s the best self-published book I’ve ever read, and I’m really glad I bought it!

-Rai, via Goodreads

I read this book in two days! Engaging storyline with satisfying twists and realistic characters…both human and not-so-human! Looking forward to more Denny.

-Suzanne, via Amazon

Spirits of Suburbia

suburbanspirits_covermockup_04Print Version

Ebook Version (all formats)

We’ve all read tales of heroes and monsters in far-away lands… But what happens when the strangest monsters are the ones next door?

Rebekah and her family are coping with two issues: the first is her husband’s death in a car accident. The second is his surprising return as a zombie. Will the Neimans keep their new, more clumsy Dad, or will they choose to say goodbye to him a second time?

Zinnia has a weird skin problem that won’t go away. She longs for an answer to the itching and the teasing, but the truth about her skin condition, and its cure, are far beyond the scope of any human doctor.

Abby, a kind witch on the run, puts herself at risk of discovery by evil forces when she agrees to use her magic to help a desperate friend cleanse her bookstore of dark spirits. Will she be able to stay hidden, or will she be forced to confront her past?

From authors Jennifer Bickley, Elizabeth Hirst, Ira Nayman and Tecuma Macintyre come a collection of seven stories that will leave you wondering if you can ever really know your neighbours.

Flood Waters Rising

fwrcoverpod1Print Version

Ebook Version (all formats)

For Sithon Flood, trouble is literally flowing through his veins…

Heir to a blood condition that can help heal the sick and even raise the dead, Sithon finds himself trapped in a web of lies and manipulation at the hands of his stepfather, a tyrant who desires an undead army. Can Sithon escape Wardan’s evil schemes in time to save his parents’ lives and redeem his family name?

Featuring original cover illustration by Notorious, this action-packed space opera will take you to an exotic new world, filled with bold characters and species and surprises at every turn.

Monsters and Mist

monstersandmistcover1Print Book

Ebooks (all formats)

Now, in one collection, are five original short stories by fantasy/horror author Elizabeth Hirst. From the excitement and swordplay of ‘Beyond Nemra’ to the unique and powerful worldbuilding of ‘Mr. Oon’, this book offers a glimpse into fantastic new worlds… and a few unusual looks at our own world, as well.

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