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I just got the news that Love, Time, Space, magic is being featured on the front page of NewMyths.com! This is such exciting news!

Reviewer Scott T. Barnes had a lot of nice things to say about the anthology. He writes:

Elizabeth Hirst has gathered a beautiful collection of stories in Love, Time, Space, Magic.

The overall theme is “love” of course. Love in various guises, always with an important speculative element. While all written by different authors, the “feel” of the stories reminded me of Spellcast by Barbara Ashford, a novel which combines love, magic, and musical theater.

Romantics, dreamers, and believers in magic—particularly the magic of love—will enjoy this collection of short stories.

Scott goes on to write individual reviews of all twelve stories, which are well worth the read. This is going to be our go-to review for those who are wondering about the individual stories!

Read the rest of the article here.