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I received an email today from fellow science fiction and fantasy author Sally McBride.

Sally had graciously offered to give Love, Time, Space, Magic a read-through, and here’s what she had to say:

“What a sweet, and sometimes salty, confection… just right to read in snack-sized portions. The title says it all. This is a gathering of somewhat random—in terms of style and mood—short fiction about love in a few of its many and varied forms.

Pop Seagull publishing, with Elizabeth Hirst at the helm, is producing some very nice looking anthologies and collections. This one is easy on the eyes, nicely designed and presented, though with a few typesetting issues that didn’t distract from the enjoyment.

The anthology starts off with Deborah Walker’s “I Sing the Recurring Melody”, a parable about devotion, and the need to create above all. Next is something completely different: Fraser Sherman’s “Leave the World to Darkness.” I could almost see this tale unfolding in the lurid panels of a comic book—alternate dimensions, shadow creatures, Nazis! Great fun, plus a spunky heroine with a smart mouth and a notebook.

“Out of Their Minds” by Ira Nayman, is a bumpy ride through infinite dimensions in search of the One True Love… cynical, snappy and strangely sweet. The lyrical melancholy of “The Dying Place” by Melinda Selmys is poetical and thought provoking. “Melanie in the Underworld” by Victoria Feistner, is a longish, poignant, Toronto-centric take on the myth of Persephone, where even if you play by the rules you still might lose. “Modern Love” by Gustavo Bondoni wonders if a pick-up in a bar could be the start of something beautiful.

Other stories take you into the dangers of space exploration, the dark magic of plantlife, and the compelling reasons to embrace the consequences of financial meltdown. Overall, a tantalizing mix of tales.”

Thank you, Sally! We’re glad you gave us a try. This will definitely be appearing on the blurbs page of future editions.