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This is the third post in a series I’ve been doing about my experience at Ad Astra 2015. Yesterday, I covered our fantastic Saturday, including the launch party for Love, Time, Space, Magic. Today, we reach the exciting conclusion of the weekend, where we do better than we have ever done before.

My first event on Sunday was the Guest of Honour Brunch, beginning at 10 am in one of the ballrooms on the main floor. I had scheduled the brunch rather late. Normally, I don’t attend GoH brunches because of prohibitive cost and my lack of excitement over celebrities, but not only was the cost quite fair for this one ($35), but I also wanted a chance to meet some industry professionals, and have some interesting conversation, not to mention a nice brunch. I’m one of those people who could eat breakfast any time of day, so I figured why not.

I ended up at Monica Pacheco’s table, and she was quite nice to talk to. There was quite a lot of good conversation going on at the table, actually, and many puns were made about bacon. The food was decent, although I was expecting more variety. However, I never argue with good bacon and eggs. The company was delightful, and I would have loved to have stayed for more conversation, but I was late for my second demo as it was. I did, however, stay long enough to determine that I did not win the Kobo. Just as well… I wouldn’t want my new Kobo Vox to discover I had been emotionally cheating on it.

I arrived at my demo a tad late, but my crowd, luckily, was undeterred. Kathleen, a friend and up-and-coming young author, had dropped by to see me, and we had a great time chatting.

When I arrived back at the booth, I discovered that we had sold quite a number of buttons. The Pop Seagull slogan buttons were a new thing as of last fall, but they’ve sold steadily, and I think we’re going to print more, with different choices of slogan. I’ve also been tossing around the notion of staff T-shirts for quite a while, and I think we’ll be moving ahead with that, as well. I think it’s nice that people want to take a piece of Pop Seagull with them wherever they go.

If I was worried about selling the last three copies of Love, Time, Space, Magic, I needn’t have been. We sold out, and then had several more people leave the table disappointed. We re-assured them that we’ll be back with more at Genrecon, and in the mean time, we’ll have them at all of the Hamilton Art Crawls this summer. After a smooth tear-down, we left the convention exhausted, but happy.

So, in conclusion, I want to thank everyone who made this weekend such a success for us, but most of all, I want to thank the Ad Astra organizers and staff, who put so much work into making the event such an amazing spotlight for literary folks and who make such a genuinely safe and welcoming atmosphere. The staff showed us support in so many ways, little and big, and I can’t even express what a difference that makes to a small publisher used to having to do it all myself.

So thank you, Ad Astra! I’ll remember this weekend fondly for a long time to come.