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That’s right, after a hectic holiday, and more than a few winter cold blahs, it’s finally here… the Love, Time, Space, Magic cover!


This has truly turned out to be a special anthology by a really special bunch of people. We’ve got a selection of love stories, from across the spectrum of F/SF that will touch your heart, and sometimes your funny bone. Far from the old ‘boy gets girl, boy loses girl’ tropes, these are twelve gloriously creative and different stories on the theme of love.

I’m so proud to be presenting this anthology, our longest and most varied offering ever, to our loyal anthology readers. We’ve had people come back again and again, looking for the classic fun of SF/F short stories, and this one is going to be another amazing addition to your Pop Seagull library!

For the cover this time, I used a combination of Maya modeling and Photoshop. All cover elements are by yours truly, except for the fonts. My inspiration was to make something inspired by the anatomical drawings of Da Vinci and other renaissance artists, with a modern twist, and to show the interaction between the elements in the title.

Enjoy! In a couple of months, we’re putting this baby on a cake!