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Pop Seagull had a lovely Christmas-y time this Saturday at Memorial School in Hamilton. We set out our shingle at their very first Christmas bazaar, and it was tons of fun! We sold lots of buttons, and wow, did I meet a lot of interesting Canadian authors. I want to hear back from you guys, seriously!

And did I mention, the school totally fed my love of old architecture? What an amazing building! The auditorium has all of it original moldings, memorializing the 1st world war, and it is just breathtakingly well-preserved. I know where my world takeover headquarters is going to be now.

I’m going to post some pictures of the gorgeous architecture later, but for now, I just wanted to say thank you to Memorial School and the Board of Directors for inviting us to such a lovely event.

As a side note, I had perhaps some of the best popcorn I have ever had while vending at this bazaar. Toffee… dark chocolate drizzle… 75 cents! Too good to be true!