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As of last week, Love, Time, Space, Magic has been filled. I want to thank everyone again who submitted. I want to hear from all of you again, and just because the story wasn’t accepted this time doesn’t mean it might not have a chance elsewhere. Keep it up! All of our responses should now be sent. If you sent me a story, and didn’t hear back, please query.

I have one other note about Love, Time, Space, Magic that I thought would be good to bring up now. When we began the anthology, our aim was to publish 90% Canadian content. While that was a great goal, we just didn’t get the number of submissions from Canadian authors that we had hoped for. So, while we accepted as many great Canadian stories as we possibly could, we’re sitting at about 50% Canadian content, by page count, for the anthology. However, we’re very proud to say that several non-North American countries are represented in the book, from Japan to England to Argentina.

Because I’m relatively new to all of this, I’m still learning as I go, and one of the things I learned this time around is that our Canadian content goals have to be a collaboration. In other words, I can’t publish what people don’t submit, so keep those submissions coming, my Canadian pals! On my end, I’m also going to make a concerted effort to do even more courting and encouraging of the Canadian authors I meet at conventions, and advertise on more Canadian-targeted sites. We’re going to keep the 90% rule as our ultimate goal, but it’s going to take more work to make it happen.

That’s all for Love, Time, Space, Magic for now, but there will be a lot more announcements and fun features once we really start to get rolling on production.

In the meantime, I want to officially announce that, due to work flow concerns, Robotica submissions will be read and adjudicated in March of 2015, for an expected release date of fall/winter 2015. I have updated the Ralan listing accordingly. However, since the submissions will be read in chronological order, and the first and last places in line are the most rhetorically significant, I would recommend that people still submit now if they have something, and don’t mind the wait.

I apologize to all of the people who have already sent us work for Robotica who weren’t counting on this wait. We’ve had a change-up in staff, and that has affected our timeline somewhat. Rest assured, however, that if you decide to stick it out, your work will be given the time and attention that it deserves during the judging period.