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Seriously, just this minute. I’ve been re-charging my batteries for like, three days.

Wow, what a fun time, guys! Thank you all so much for showing up, and live-tweeting, and putting stuff up on social media all over the place. We have the best friends and fans (and fan friends) ever! Pop Seagull owes this amazing weekend and all our success to you, and the great people at GenreCon that made this happen. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know all the GenreCon folks even better this year, and I’m looking forward to helping any way I can with the event. (Spoiler alert: Next year might involve a non-stop party room.)

Now it’s time to wrap up some loose ends. Unfortunately, because I had a packed schedule throughout the weekend and was short-staffed, the dog name contest never got adjudicated. I will be referring to an impartial judge (my husband and illustrator, who knows exactly none of y’all for the most part) and getting the results out by Monday. Depending on who wins, we’ll figure out how to get the prize to you.

And to my awesome panel peeps, thanks for making my weekend full of conversation and chances to talk about the obscure stuff that makes my world go round. You rock.