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So, judging by my posts, you might get the impression that I’m a little excited about the upcoming Distant Early Warning release. You might be right.

The physical books are making their debut at GenreCon, in Guelph, but just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun. You can get your copy of Distant Early Warning nailed down even earlier, by pre-ordering a copy on Smashwords!

What’s even cooler is that we’ve got a sample of the new book up on Smashwords for your viewing pleasure, and it’s different than the one that we’re posting here. Smashwords also offers all major formats of ebook, including PDF and HTML.

Buying the Smashwords pre-order edition of the book is by far the easiest and most economical way to try out the book, and pre-orders really help us to spread the word. So, if you’ve been wondering what Pop Seagull is all about, now might be a good time to give us a try.