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It’s the Distant Early Warning cover reveal!

Denny and Geoff hanging out with the province of Ontario. That's gonna be a wild party.

Denny and Geoff hanging out with the province of Ontario. That’s gonna be a wild party.

I would like to say a few words, if I may, about the development of this cover.

Art is kind of funny… sometimes you come up with a really vague, sketchy idea in your head, and you barely plan it out and fly by the seat of your pants, and it turns out so brilliantly that you wonder why you ever bother to plan anything.

Other times, you plan everything to the nth degree, with thumbnails, and test paintings, and lots of lengthy dialogues with the illustrator about character and goals and marketing, and you sit back congratulating yourself and waiting for the brilliance to roll in three weeks ahead of schedule. Then the art fairy comes down, and says “Not today, my friends!” and you end up re-designing. And re-designing again. You end up days behind, with a grumpy artist and an antsy publisher.

I think you can probably infer what happened this time. And yet, I find that no matter what route a piece of art takes to get to the good stuff, whether it feels effortless or extracts every drop of that 90% perspiration to get where it needs to be, the results can be just as joyful and welcome as if you’d planned it that way all along. I’ve learned a lot over the three years I’ve been doing this, and I’m very proud of the design we’re putting into this book, both inside and out.

Want to see what we’re putting inside? We’ve got samples and pre-orders for that… coming soon.