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With just over a month to GenreCon, we’ve been busy over here on the Pop Seagull Playground. We’re perfecting the last details on Distant Early Warning, planning new promo materials and posters (one of my fave projects) and, of course, planning how to make the big launch party an epic blast of pure fun.

While I was thinking about potential party and promo ideas, and trying to tie elements of the party into the book, I remembered that for most of the book, Denny carries a shotgun, and it kind of becomes an iconic weapon for her. Then, unfortunately, because my mind inevitably slips into Simpsons references, I pictured Homer out in front of the bowling alley with a shotgun… Bowling! Get your bowling here!

I have a feeling that this marketing plan would attract record numbers of police and fire officials, but few would stay to purchase books.

So, since that idea is a bit more… jail inducing than is desirable, what are your ideas? What would you like to see in a launch party? Food, activities, prizes… let the ideas fly!