I know it’s kind of late notice, but I wanted to pop in quickly to invite YOU to this year’s Furnal Equinox convention at the Sheraton Toronto Airport, March 8-10! I’ll have a booth, as usual, but I’ll also be selling art prints for a couple of friends in the furry art world, including my good friend, Notorious84, who did the cover art for Flood Waters Rising. I’ll also be running the draw for Notorious’s free art contest, which will be streaming LIVE from the con! This will be my first furry convention, so please, come on out and give us a warm, furry welcome! I’ve heard there’s lots of hugs at these things, so come on down. If you want to get a free pinup of your character (and it doesn’t have to be furry. He can do anything) go and watch him on Furaffinity, under the username Notorious84. That’s, like, at least a hundred dollar value, free!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Notorious’s page contains a variety of artwork, including some very explicit adult content. You can filter that out on your FA account, but I didn’t want to traumatize anybody without meaning to. This, after all, is a family blog. 😛