Since the seasons have changed, and my schedule with them, I thought it might be an opportune time to make an update about what’s up with Pop Seagull Publishing over the summer, where I’ve been and where I’m going to be until school starts again.

First of all, there will be a lot more posts around here now that I’m back into swing with the business and attending more cons. Actually, the posts were meant to start growing fuller, thicker and bushier after Ad Astra, as that con marked the end of my responsibilities at school, but wouldn’t you know it, I managed to catch that flu that was going around, and let me just say that a) it was easily the second worst flu I’ve ever had in my life (I’m praying nothing ever tops the worst one) and b) it knocked all non-compulsory activities of any kind off my radar for a good month while I hacked and wheezed my way back to health. I’ve got many follow-up activities still to do from Ad Astra, and I’m hoping to get them all caught up in the next week or so. There are also many good things on the horizon for the company from a business perspective, but more on that later when there is more solid info.

The next item of news is that Pop Seagull Publishing is all booked for Polaris 2012! Woohoo! Nothing is certain at the moment, but there will be more information on the blog as I recieve it. One item of slightly bad news about Polaris this year is that I may not be doing panels, for various reasons that I won’t go into here, but rest assured that I will be at my booth all day, every day to meet all of you lovely folks and sign your books, no matter what happens.

I’ve also decided to take another stab at NaNoWriMo this June, in an attempt to finish an upcoming novel. I’m making progress on my own with the novel every day as it is, but I think that NaNo may just give me the boost I need to get everything finished in a timely manner. Besides, the only reason I didn’t finish the last NaNo challenge was because it was in November. No-vem-ber. The most nightmarishly busy month for anybody who works or goes to school in any location that gets snow. I love the concept of NaNoWriMo, really I do, but I’ve never understood the reasoning behind putting it in one of the absolute worst months of the year for people with school-aged children, post-secondary students and people who work retail, among many, many others. The June/August Camp NaNoWriMo programs seem so much more sensible to me.

And finally, (and most importantly), I just wanted to announce that I’m reasonably certain that something new will be coming from Pop Seagull Publishing by this November. So there. I’m not bashing November entirely. Consider it a soft deadline though, and possibly subject to change. The real take-away is this: NEW STUFF IS COMING. WE’RE WORKING ON IT. WE’RE GOING TO KEEP YOU POSTED AND IT’S GOING TO BE SUPER SWEET.

And now, as is the tradition in this part of the world when the air starts to get warm and people start to get mobile again… I have to go help some relatives move.