I’ll probably be updating more about this next week as well, but since it almost is next week, listen up! Starting Monday, many of us indie types are celebrating Read an Ebook Week! How can you help celebrate this most auspicious of weeks? Well, that’s easy. Pick up an e-book, and check it out! Try reading someone you’ve never read before! It’ll be one of those adventures I’ve been talking about that make life so much fun. Some of the E-books on Smashwords will even be *gasp* free!!! And, in honour of all the festivities, Pop Seagull will be offering Flood Waters Rising and Monsters and Mist for a special promotional price of $1.25, and $1.50, respectively. That’s over fifty percent savings on both titles.

While we’re on the topic of Smashwords, I have some less happy news regarding them as well, and that most deadly of C words- Censorship. Apparently, PayPal is threatening to cut of Smashwords’s account (all of their accounts!) if they don’t delete any material that contains any reference to rape, incest, or bestiality whatsoever. Now, I’m not endorsing any of these topics as positive things, but let’s keep in mind that they are legal to write about, and that this technically includes the writings of rape and incest survivors, who have every right to tell their story and build awareness. There is also the fact that this attack is meant to put erotica writers out of business, and erotica is largely written and consumed by women. Hmmm… And I also begin to wonder how far they’ll take it if they get their way this time. I mean, are two consenting characters of the same (non-human) species allowed to have sex? Because if not, well, yours truly would be affected by this rule as well. I will be emailing PayPal and the credit card companies holding their leash, and I hope that others will do the same.

After that unpleasant news, I think I owe it to everyone to end on a humorous note. Yesterday, I gave up complaining. I didn’t know exactly what it had gotten me after a very frustrating day, besides some aggravated non-verbal stomping and snorting and some badly cut keys. Then my husband asked me, with the sweetest smile imaginable, to repeat the exercise today. I guess sometimes, we are only indirect beneficiaries of our own self-restraint. 😛