But what a reading week it’s been. I don’t know about you, but personally, my favourite days are the ones spent with lots of good food, with people I love, meandering and exploring different places and activities, cultivating inspiration and seeing something new. I feel so blessed that this week has been a full week of those kind of wonderful, adventurous, life-expanding days. I feel like lots of new and exciting things are finding their way into my life (some of which are in the works to appear on the blog) and as such, I did a little experiment today. I tried to go the entire day without complaining. I didn’t know what it would accomplish, but I did know that I tend to do an awful lot of complaining, and perhaps it might be nice to explore what might happen if I went an entire day without indulging my crankier side.

And then the locksmiths screwed up my keys, leaving me with no front door key and no time today to get another one, and out six dollars. And THEN someone who I consider particularly odious crossed my path and acted like a smarmy, entitled idiot. AND THEN, I found out that a significant due date that I have no chance of meeting at this point was a week before I thought it was. Thanks for the challenge, universe. I do find this all a bit funny, if nothing else. Still pondering possible meaning. 😛

I also got the rare chance to go on a giant jungle gym-like playland thing made for adults AND kids today, and boy did I have a blast. Is it wrong that I’m trying to come up with an excuse to do that again? Technically, it was for my nephew’s birthday party, but I feel like I got a present too…one more day at Chuck-E-Cheese!

Here’s wishing you the chance to expand your mind and act like a kid again, as well. With that said, I now have to go and figure out just how I’m going to dig myself out of this work hole I’m in.