I just received the news last night that I’ve been accepted as a panelist at Ad Astra 2012! Hooray! More details to come regarding my schedule and the topics of the panels. Thanks to the programming team for including me in what is sure to be another great year for Ad Astra. I’ve been to this con several other years, and it’s always one of my faves.

 I also wanted to ask you, out there, reading this blog… have you visited your local used bookstore lately? They’re magical places, and perhaps, in this day of electronic publishing, more likely to go extinct than ever. I would like to suggest that, this week, in the spirit of adventure that early spring often brings out in people, you find a used book store and pay a visit, and maybe even adopt a quirky, lonely old book. It’s recession-friendly entertainment, and nothing beats the joy of a search through piles of obscure old volumes… maybe it’s the library addict in me, but I just love that stuff.

 And if you’ve read this far, and you love books as much as I do, there’s an animated short that you absolutely need to see. It also won a well-deserved Oscar a couple of nights ago. It made me cry, as it kind of described my reason for doing the things I do in life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adzywe9xeIU