Only four more days to go until SFContario 2! Yeehaw! Things are getting downright busy around here, preparing for panels, getting everything wrapped up at home and getting something a little bit special worked up for our customers at the con. Don’t forget to come out, sample the ambiance and maybe, just maybe meet yours truly!

In other news, I’ve fallen quite a bit behind in my NaNoWriMo words, but I’m not judging myself too much because it’s all on account of schoolwork, not laziness. However, I have managed thousands and thousands of new words on the new novel that would have been a lot longer in coming if it weren’t for the NaNo challenge. I’m going to do some writing on the weekend at the con, and hopefully since I won’t have any other animation-related distractions, I might get close to catching up on all my negligence.

Well, now that I’ve posted this short update, I should get back to business. I’ve got AI to research, art to do, and customer gifts to order. Have a wonderful day… only 40 more days until Christmas!