In my last post, I promised more information on my upcoming SFContario appearance, and now that I’ve got my tentative schedule, I thought I would share it with the blogosphere.  But first, some notes:

1) I know my more thoughtful, article-style posts have been a little sparse of late, and so, with an eye to remedying the situation, I have been putting together a post which comprises my take on the whole princess debate. You know, the one where people argue about whether they are good or bad role models, and whether or not they teach girls to be passive/heteronormative/bitchy etc. As a fantasy author, I think I have a substantially different take on this debate than some of the other people who have engaged with it, but you’ll have to wait for the post for more details.

2) I’m so excited to be doing my first autograph session ever! I can’t wait! You can bet I’ll be practicing my signature and thinking of cool stuff to write. I think the best part about it will be that I’ll get to meet people and talk about the book. I love doing that. Love it.

And now… the schedule.

SFContario 2011

Non-traditional relationships in Science Fiction and Fantasy –Sat 10 AM Solarium
How are alternative relationships depicted in SF/F? How can we create a more inclusive community for fans and writers who identify as GLTBQ?
Is the genre of Urban Fantasy particularly well-suited for exploring these identities?

Criticism and Critique: Critics in the 21st Century – Sat. 11 AM, Gardenview
Developments in social media and web 2.0 technology continue to blur the line between amateur and professional critics.  As North American
colleges and universities produce record numbers of graduates, themedia consuming public is transforming itself into something that
feels it ought to be included in larger critical conversations.  Our panelists explore how professionals and amateurs work together to
evaluate genre media.
Natural Stupidity Beats Artificial Intelligence (Every Time)(M)– Sun 11 AM, Solarium
What are the limits, promise and progress of AI research, and how close has SF come in our predictions? When you curse at your laptop,
does it answer? From proud robots to cosmic thinking platforms, Science Fiction used to re-assure us that humans could outwit any
artificial intelligence that managed to temporarily get the upper hand. While a great trope, is it logical to assume that we
can’t outsmart ourselves?

It’s my baby and you can’t touch it – Sun 12 AM Ballroom A
At some point most writers will come across criticism they don’t like. Our panel of writers will discuss tricks for getting over it
quickly. What things should you never say to a critiquer and what should you never say in a critique?  Learn to spot the symptoms and learn
when it’s not you, it’s them and how to ignore the bad advice while accepting the good.

Autograph Session- Sunday 1pm

Be there or be square!