What are you doing November 18-20? If you’re anything like I normally am, you’re probably going to be lamenting the onset of winter weather, and wishing it was still con season. Well, as the good people at SFContario have discovered, it doesn’t have to be con season for folks to throw a great con!

For the first time ever, I and my lovely assistants will be attending SFContario, doing panels and, of course, populating the dealers’ room. I’ll have more details such as panel times etc. once they’re announced, but for now, let me just say that the slated programming looks a-ma-zing and I’m super stoked that John Scalzi is the guest of honour. I’ve been following his blog for many years now, and I’m super-stoked to possibly get the chance to meet him *crosses fingers*. I consider his online writing to be a major source of inspiration to the way I do things.

I’m also excited just to be getting out to a promising new con… I was slated to appear last year, but due to illness and an overwhelming amount of schoolwork resulting from time missed in class, I wasn’t able to attend. I can’t wait to see what SFContario is all about.

So, if you haven’t got anything going on that weekend, why not come down and see us, in the heart of downtown Toronto? I think it’s gonna be good.