Hi everyone! I need to take a moment to catch my breath, because these last couple of weeks have been insane. As in, sixteen hours of constant toil and then a very deep sleep insane. The animation progam is just kicking into high gear, and, of course, we’re also gearing up for Halloween at The Undisclosed Dayjob of Mystery. I’m going to try to be more accountable about posting here at least once a week now that I’m in the groove again, but if posts are scarce for a week or two, just know that I’m still here, still alive, still planning more wierd and wonderful things from Pop Seagull Publishing… I’m just doing so while trying to animate a kid fighting with a goose to get a bag of bread and negotiating a film plot with ten other people who disagree with me.

But, these are mere details compared to the wonderful announcement that I have prepared for today!

As of this week, Flood Waters Rising is now available in a traditional, paper format! That’s right, you too can have your very own physical copy of our epic novel, for the low, low price of $17.00. I’ve recieved my own copy of the trade paperback already, and it is beautiful. Notorious’s artwork looks so much better up close and personal, and I was actually surprised by how thick the book was when it went to press. I know I shouldn’t be surprised about such things, as I designed it myself, but… sometimes you just have to see a thing and hold it in your hands to be able to understand it properly.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled. After all the trouble, all the proofs, all the software issues… it’s finally here. Pop Seagull’s first novel. So, without further ado, the buy link.

Buy Flood Waters Rising! Buy two!