Last night I visited the Halton Regional Centre for the Joint Chamber After Five Networking event, a regional trade show-style meet and greet for small businesspeople and entrepeneurs from around Halton, and had a wonderful time. The food was good, I sold and autographed a few copies of the anthology, and I got to meet a whole bunch of nice and helpful people, and even some other indie publishers! I must say, I learned a lot from the other participants, and I was really glad that everyone was so complimentary and welcoming to the summer company students. Thanks for a great time, Halton!

I also want to mention, since I’m on an announcement kick, that the print version of Flood Waters Rising is still going back and forth in file form with the CreateSpace people, and hopefully this time it exported properly. I’m hoping that it’s ready for a proof before I go on honeymoon on the 17th, and it looks like that’s probably going to happen. If that’s the case, then it will be ready for sale in about a month if all goes well. The only reason I say ‘if all goes well’ is that the proof was much slower than estimated last time in getting here, and the mail is a variable, unfortunately, which I can’t control very much.

Thanks to all my new friends who’ve stopped my the blog, and I hope to be in contact with a bunch of you really soon! 🙂