I just wanted to pop in and say a few words about what’s been going on in the last few days, and why I haven’t posted as much this week as other weeks. As you may know, my ultimate blogging goal is to post seven days a week, but so far I’ve gotten close, but no cigar. I want to remedy that in the coming weeks, but this week was unique for a couple of reasons.

I am planning a wedding at the end of the month. There was an incident with the vendors in which two of our key appointments that would have wrapped things up nicely for the coming wedding got screwed up by said vendors, all in the course of one, very stressful day. I don’t want to say more, because they are generally very nice, hard-working people and I don’t want to drag their names through the mud with details. Be that as it may, Vendorgate (as I have affectionately dubbed it) really, really threw off the course of my week by forcing me to spend double the time on those issues that I had planned to. As a result, I haven’t had the time to write those article-style posts that I’m usually good for.

Plus, on top of those issues, the spiffy costume I’m working on, and the books I’m trying to get ready, and the party I’m trying to organize for the upcoming Polaris convention are becoming very involved. I will probably be posting shorter update segments until the con, both to keep you updated on news, dear reader, and to keep my writing volume low for now.