I was going to work these into a longer post (which is still on its way, mind you) but there was a serious snarl in the costuming process, which resulted in this blogging delay. So, without further ado, process pics of my highly secretive Polaris 25 masquerade costume! I’ll be posting pieces of it now and then over the next three weeks or so, but I won’t post full shots until after Polaris. We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, right?

I’m so excited about this new costume, but I’m a bit worried about the time crunch. I only have until the 15th of July to finish it, and ideally, I like a tad more time to finesse things. But, since I didn’t have any funding for the costume until I went out and bought the materials, I didn’t have much choice in the matter. All things considered, I’m pretty sure things will work out for the best with this one. There’s only one more big sewing piece to do, and then the rest is all arts and crafts (and glue, and bolts, and wire).

I may have another post later today, of a longer nature, but if I don’t, it will definitely be out tomorrow.